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About us

After changing of political system, Rotacio Kft. was between the first on entrepreneur list.

The enterprise was founded on January 1-th, 1990. On past years, it showed a continually (permanently, constantly, uninterruptedly) development tendency, who was reached thanks to our quality and correct services. Of course that also on the future we will make our best to satisfy our customers through quickness, promptness and naturally quality.

We provide

  • Intern and international forwarding
  • Moving services (with professional carters))
  • Service and upkeep for electrical devices (systems)
  • Auto service
  • Texaco products retail and whole sale
  • Storage

One of our primary purposes is to assure most high security of shipment for our customers in any circumstances. Our cars give you the most creditable guarantee that Mercedes mark is represented. We don’t tolerate even the smaller errors; at once we remove them.

Every available device we improved always, to be fixet for a hard and fast international transport in any circumstances.

The custom number (from Hungary and from other countries) continually is growing because of our trustwothy and precisely services that we offered.

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